Thursday, 4 October 2012

New Training Log: Day 3

Well it's official...

Very easy to think your fitness level is at a high level and then jump into a new scenario and feel completely out of shape. Taking a new approach to recovery which at this point has my body feeling more sore than ever but eventually it should respond well. Going to be a staple in my program about 2-3x a week for recovery.

10 x 25-50m Swim Sprints

5 Mins Active Recovery Tread

Foam Role (15 mins)

Tomorrow will be a good front squat day.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

New Training Log: Day 2

Pre-Midterm Early Morning Lift (6am)

Hip Mobility Drills (x 5 mins) 
Dynamic Warm Up (x 5 mins) 
1000m Active Recovery Row (Felt a little stiff from the day before) 
T-Spine Work (x 2 Mins) 
Box Jumps (6 x 1 @ 50 inch) 


1) Narrow Olympic Squats 3 x 5 @ 280 

Basically a form check for today-felt great & fast. Mobility work has been KEY! 

2) Trap Bar Deadlifts (Low Handles) 6 x 2 @ 440 

3) Goodmornings 3 x 8 

4) Single Leg Hip Trusts 3 x 8 

Little Bit of Structural Fun: 

Handstand Practice 4 x 15 seconds 

HSPU 4 x 10 

L-Sit x 3 max time 

(Foam Role & Lacrosse Ball Tissue Work) 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

New Training Log

I received an email earlier today asking if I could start posting some of what my training looks like, so I will give it a shot and stay up to date with the online log. Since this is a new month and the body is completely healed, I thought it would be fitting to set some new goals. Performance wise and body comp wise. I will be trying to add on a lot of lean muscle before heading over to Utah so the training & the dieting will be quite heavy. I am following almost to a T a program Paul Oneid has made for me. Sometimes need to love it but also need to hate it. I have added in a couple things just to kick my own ass but basically Paul has done a great job at that and helping me to get to where I need to be. I have taken a before picture & will have an after picture once my training cycles turn over in December. Potentially video tape a couple of my movements a week to show some of the work-still not where I want it to be yet.


Shoulder Mobility Drills x 5 mins

T-Spine Extensions x 2 mins

Scapular Depression Push Ups 2 x 20

Lacrosse Ball Tissue Work (Scapula, Pec Minor, Ant/Post Delt)

Band Pull Aparts & Int/Ext Rotations

Coming off a minor shoulder injury so the warmup was quite extensive but nothing new-also loving a lot of the mobility work Kelly Starrett is throwing up on Mobility Wod-check it out. Workout wasn't too crazy today but good none the less


1) 5 x 2 Bench Press @ 255 (Pause on chest-narrower grip than normal)

2) 4 x 15 Pull Ups (Different Grips)

3) Dumbbell Floor Press 4 x 12 @ 85

4) JM Press 4 x 6 @ 140 & Dumbbell Rows 4 x 10 @ 100lbs

5) Barbell Complex: 5 rounds (10 strict OH Presses, 10 Dead stop Rows, 10 High Pulls) 1 min rest between
@ 135

50 band pull downs
50 band pull aparts
50 face pulls

Foam Role & Lacrosse Ball Recovery (12 mins)