Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Just something to think about

For all those who say they don't have time some days or are too tired or have too much to do. Read this. Pretty inspirational from one of the best in the Business. 

"One thing that no one talks about is how walking into a weight room tired, over-worked, stressed, and f***ed up but then succeeding is a true lesson in mind strength. I don’t always recommend it, but at certain times of your life you’ve got to quit being such a slave to your pussiness and step up and see how well you can do under shitty conditions.

People have always been working labor jobs for long hours. There are single mom’s working two jobs and still finding time for their kids. There are soldiers that fought for our country that were hungry, tired, thirsty, and with pieces of steel stuck in their bodies, but somehow they were able to pull it together in combat. Why can’t you get your shit together for an hour and do a couple sets of squats?" -Jim Wendler

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