Friday, 18 November 2011

Off-Season for TrainWithMe Athletes

It's that time of year again!

Most TrainWithMe athletes begin their off-season training in a week from now. All of our athletes are ready to get back in the gym and on the field after a well deserved deloading phase full of mobility work, stretching, rehab work, proper eating, ice baths, physiotherapy appointments and much needed rest.

This coming off-season is going to be extremely effective, sport specific and gruelling. The athletes will be met with a variety of challenges which will prove to be demanding-physically and mentally. The expectations are much higher this summer and I am positive that all the athletes will meet their goals and surpass my expectations.

The OVFL (Ontario Varsity Football League) crew will be starting their off-season training in a week. The  boys have gone through a few phases of in-season work to this point,  since most of their high school seasons were still underway. After picking up a couple high school championships in the Junior and Senior division and also racking in every MVP award to be had, the members of the University Prep group now join their OVFL counterparts and will undergo some serious off-season training to prove to the province and their coaches that they are ready. 

The CIS crew still remains spread out all over Canada and the United States. A huge shout out goes to Sean Smith & Kevin Aleinik of the McMaster University Football team, playing in the Uteck Bowl today. These two TrainWithMe athletes look to become National champions in their rookie year. Sean Rudy laces up the skates this weekend in a back to back series against Nebraska-Omaha and North Dakota.

The CIS crew will reassemble in the early part of May to begin their off-season training. The atmosphere and hard work that these athletes bring to the program is by far one of the most inspiring things as a strength coach. These athletes ALL have huge goals this summer, and we plan to meet them head on. While the lifting and on-field programs will be essential to the CIS crew, they will also be implementing a lot of pre-hab and injury prevention techniques and focusing heavily on proper nutrition and mobility work-the things that make a complete athlete.

Finally, the University Prep crew will be assembling in early may as well. This group is comprised of elite high school athletes set on playing at the University level. These athletes will undergo a very dynamic and new type of training that most are not used to. The goal of this program is to provide these up and coming athletes with a training program and environment that mimics the one they will be part of in a couple months. These athletes will NOT be the rookies going into training camp that look awkward and misinformed in the gym and throughout workouts. Our University Prep group are some of our most talented and hard working athletes and will look to push the barriers and compete with our CIS group.

BIG things to come for all TrainWithMe athletes this off-season. Excited to give everyone a preview of the off-season training soon enough. Until then, our athletes will keep getting bigger, stronger, and faster than YOU.

Make sure to check in soon for a couple huge updates. Most notably:

-"Varsity Fit Program"- A year long program set out for University aged women to get fit in a dynamic and creative way. Time to forget the countless hours on machines and treadmills in the gym and get on a program that allows you to train like an athlete yet get all the effects of your yoga sessions, spin classes and body sculpting classes without waiting in the huge lines and paying ridiculous amounts of money.

-"8-12 Hour Workday Program" - A program set out for our working class clients. This program will focus on minimizing the notion that to be fit you must spend hours in the gym daily and all week long. The program will be focus on the important aspects of overall health and still challenge you to train like an athlete but perform as a businessman/businesswomen. Better health equates to better cognitive function, less stress, better overall performance and a better lifestyle.

Be sure to check out the website often!


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